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The spa in club offers only normal massage service,no incall special service.If you need interpreter escort service,we send the girl from our nightclub,but no incall escort service,and some escorts are part-time girls.The business of outcall division in P-club Shenzhen has been contracted to entrepreneur.P-clubs Co. disclaims liability partly.Thank you for your understanding!


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Outcall Hotline:(0086)186-6488-5474

Whatsapp: 008618664885474 ( Whatsapp doesn't work in China , Please do not use WiFi , just use the mobile 4G internet from your country.)

Imessage:008618664885474 (Iphone message)

Wechat ID: pc-contact

Office Address: Shennan Road,Futian District,Shenzhen.

Fax: 86-755-8370-1009  PC: 518040


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  The spa provides only regular massage service,no incall special service.If you need escort service,we arrange the girl from our nightclub (KTV),but no incall escort service,and some escort girls are part-time,thank you for your understanding!


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