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Japanese massage in Shenzhen China

Japanese massage technique is exquisite, the rhythm is strong, don't pay attention to the technique of swing type, but pay attention to the application of pressure and friction technique, especially on the class.Japanese massage operating time is 45 to 60 minutes commonly, if need to do more fine or indirectly to cure, can add the clock.Press the strength should be between makes one feel pleasure and pain . Japanese massage,massage by finger pressing characteristics, applying way is using limb or finger as a supporting frame, using its own weight, vertical downward, applying pressure towards the center of the body parts, use a wrist when applying.The point at which the pressure to stay in the finger pressing part time is 3 ~ 5 seconds.Avoid intense quickly increase strength, uniform but slowly increasing strength.Down hard on the subject on the exhale, press, press don't separate when using finger tips, and to apply finger point to an abdomen emphatically.All of the manipulation arm must be straight, and focus on the upper part of the body, and through his fingers as the medium of transfer force applied to the subject.Pressure parts mentioned here refers to a large local side, rather than a specific point, may be on a meridian of traditional Chinese medicine, but not in Japanese called meridians, only called acupressure points.When Japanese massage, can will subject body medium such as a little massage oil.Japanese massage is relatively open, dressed in as little as possible, when indoor temperature is low, can massage cover towel, subject lying comfortably accept acupressure.The should do first in the finger pressing on the right, and then do the left. Shenzhen escort














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