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Snake Pit Shenzhen Escort Bar


Address: Units G,H,I, Ground Floor, Yinhui Building, Taizi Lu, Shekou 蛇口太子路迎晖大厦首层GHI单元 Category: Bars

City Area: Nanshan

Snake Pit Description about ten doors down from X-TA-SEA, you could easily pass this bar and never know it, taking it for just another one of the massage parlor-type places next door. There's not even a sign, except a small posting to note that it's 'a member's only club with no ties or cell phones allowed.' Popular with local expat boys of the rugby persuasion, Snake Pit requires a Y600 membership fee for the privilege of having a beer in what appears to be someone's basement. And yes, it's worth the money.Shenzhen escort














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