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The Advantages of Massage

Massage has a lot of the advantages, easy to learn,Easy operation, economical and practical, also can be instead of medicine.Such as some patients after using massage, can make the spirits, have the effect of doping, also can make patients to be quiet, play the role of sedatives.Because massage is good for circulation and metabolism, for patients with chronic diseases or too weak, average is more safe and reliable.For inconvenience to take medicine, massage can strengthen children's physique, prevent health care function.For some complex diseases, but also cooperate with acupuncture and medication.But, for some acute infectious disease or fever, or viscera lesions, such as typhoid fever, pneumonia, tuberculosis, massage can only play a role.If suffering from cancer, acute suppurative appendicitis, bowel perforation, cholecystitis caused by biliary ascariasis, fierce urgent disease, should be quick to go to the hospital emergency department. Shenzhen escort














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